Think twice, code once.

It means you should double-check your measurements for accuracy before cutting a piece of wood; otherwise it may be necessary to cut again, wasting time, materials and money.

I’m an impatient programmer to say the least. I live by the iterative approach of “Let’s first quickly get something working, and then iterate over it to get rid of anything that was hard coded, and then again to address boundary conditions and then again to make it run faster and make it memory efficient and what not.”

So when I took on this HackerRank problem, I promised myself, I’m going to…

It’s pleasant evening in Bengaluru. You can see from your window, the clouds in a drizzle. Enough to cool down the summer heat, but not enough to stress test the city’s infamous roads. It’s Friday evening , it had been a perfect week, and you hear the cabin crew announce, that the flight has landed.

The ninety minute flight covered a thousand of the one thousand and forty eight kilometer distance home from Mumbai, the remainder forty eight…

You pull out your phone to book an Uber :
“No Cars Available”
“No Cars Available”
“No Cars Available”
“No Cars Available”
“No Cars Available”
“No Cars…

What does my computer say?

Below is my take on the Titanic challenge hosted on Kaggle. The goal is to predict the survival of a passenger given various data points about the passenger and their journey.

My take — is to build a neural network to take on this challenge and then check how accurately my model fits the movie.

Data, Data, Data, its always data first.

Presented in the problem is a training data set of 891 passengers to infer from. Lets dive in

First look at the data
First look at the data
Code 1

Mental notes

  • Passenger id: looks unimportant, let’s drop it
  • Survived: The most important piece of information
  • Pclass: Class of ticket bought. Useful information. (think airport lines, first class first…

Ainish Lodaya

Financial Engineer, Cyclist, Data curious

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